17th Edition, January 12, 2024

 This Week in Canadian EdTech MindShareTV Podcast with Dwayne Matthews on the Top 10 EdTech Trends Outlook for 2024 


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Happy New Year!  In fine tradition we kickoff the New Year with our much anticipated Top 10 EdTech Trends Shaping the Future of Education in 2024. 


Be sure to check out my 'Sneak Peek' MindShareTV Podcast with Dwayne Matthews, EdTech Expert Commentator, TV personality, former TDSB educator and highly sought after keynoter.  


I am thrilled to present to you the latest edition of the Mindshare Report, a comprehensive analysis of the top 10 EdTech trends that are shaping the educational landscape in Canada and beyond for 2024. This year's report encapsulates a transformative phase in educational technology, reflecting a dynamic interplay of innovation, student-centric learning, and digital inclusivity.


We invite you to delve deeper into these trends in the full report, which offers a rich exploration of how these developments are reshaping the educational experience for students and educators alike. Your insights and feedback would be invaluable as we continue to navigate and shape the future of education in Canada.


I'm looking forward to presenting these trends at two upcoming conferences: the Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando, FL, where we are hosting our 28th CanAm Celebration of Excellence Partnering Reception. Do reach out to me if you are attending and would like to join us! I'm also honoured to be presenting at the upcoming Education, Research and Development Institute, Winter Conference in Tuscon, AZ.


Thank you for your commitment to educational excellence and innovation that inspired us in crafting these trends, and your continued engagement in the MindShare Learning Community. We look forward to your thoughts on the Top 10 Trends for 2024!


Finally, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our clients & strategic partners, board of advisors and our small and mighty team who inspire my thinking on a daily basis as we strive to push the envelope in driving excellence in innovation in education.


All the best for a healthy and impactful year of learning ahead! Until next time, keep the digital learning curve steep for 2024!

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1.  Digital Equity
An accelerated trend toward digital equity and accessibility to provide every student with mobile devices, access to stable internet, single sign-on apps, and online learning resources to help all students thrive. With this comes an increasing awareness among edtechs to be interoperable, offering seamless, stable technology and respect student data privacy.
2. Personalized Student Learning & On-Demand Teacher Professional Development 
The notion of (Nano/microlearning) is emerging through sophisticated learning platforms infused with AI to meet the learner's needs, skills & interests. Teacher PD and new initiatives are offering seamless and On Demand PD. Faculties of education will play a great role to supporting teachers in keeping pace with innovation in education. 
3. Integration of Generative AI
These technologies are reshaping the EdTech landscape, students using AI as a ‘study buddy’, and streamlined lesson planning & student assessment, thereby giving teachers back time to focus on authentic teaching & learning.
 TeachOnline I The AI Gap: Equity, Access & the Risks of Standing Still Webinar
4. Creative and Inspirational Learning Environments & Makerspaces
Classroom of the Future, offering Integration of Mobile Devices for Students, interactive flat panels, maker tools and comfy moveable seating, is becoming increasingly cost-effective. Edutopia research suggests this impacts student success by up to 16% when you have the right learning environment.
5. Greater Student Engagement through Challenge-based Immersive Learning Solving ‘Real-World’ Problems
Embracing Gamification/Esports/AR/VR/STEAM/ where education mirrors the students' natural habits.  Real World Problem Solving experiences infused with Design thinking Challenges/ Entrepreneurial and Computational Thinking mindset. 
6. Global Competencies Coming of Age to Future Proof Students
Today’s students are growing up in an increasingly complex world, where the state of well-being continues to be a crisis amongst many students. Global Competencies are no longer an option, but rather ‘Essential Skills’ (7Cs C21 Canada, or ISTE’s 4 C’s). Greater student agency, communication, problem-solving skills, promoting self-care & well-being is becoming infused or embedded throughout the curriculum through play/physical education/promoting greater balance and awareness of screen time allocation.
7. Cybersecurity & Safety Vulnerability and Awareness
Educational institutions are taking proactive measures to engage students to be agents of change through CyberTitan initiatives, Media Awareness/Media Smarts/learning about students being cyber-safe/ Digital Citizenship and career pathways. Student data privacy protection is top of mind, with edtechs taking a greater leadership role in keeping kids safe.
8. Digital Storytelling Telling Comes Full Circle
The infusion of modern digital media tools has revolutionized the way students can demonstrate their learning through digital storytelling. A growing trend toward teachers leveraging formative assessments with emerging AI tools to automate the process.
9. Online and Hybrid Learning Coming of Age from K12 to Lifelong Learning 
The notion of online learning is taking many forms, thanks in part to the mass innovation that occurred during COVID. Students no longer desire a three hour lecture or 30 minute lesson. The teaching and learning methods must be mirrored to match the way Gen-Z and Gen Alpha live, and seniors should be encouraged to embrace social learning through mobile learning tools, video consumption, gaming, and peer social learning.
10. EdTech Industry Consolidation and Growing Strategic Partnerships--It Takes a Digital Village to Raise a Child in the 21st Century

This past year saw a sharp decline in the EdTech industry sector, thanks in part to a slowing economy and a post-COVID edtech hangover with massive amounts of edtech tools and apps purchased, but not utilized. Reminiscent of the Dot-Com crash in the early 2000s, we’ll see a continued contraction, collaboration, and consolidation of the edtech sector through M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) activity. What’s emerging is greater strategic partnerships and alliances with a focus on accountability & interoperability. Organizations such as 1 EdTech, and Canadian EdTech Alliance will continue to grow and evolve to ensure that impactful edtech organizations continue to thrive!

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