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MindshareTV Student Corner on the Future of Learning >> 
Introducing Our New Coop Students from St. Marcellinus Secondary School. Sharing their Hopes, Dreams & Vision of the Future!

Dear Thought Leader, 


As we embrace another week filled with innovation, insights, and inspiration, I'm thrilled to present to you the latest edition of the Canadian EdTech Top 10 Newsletter. This week, we dive deep into a blend of celebrations, forward-thinking initiatives, and the unwavering spirit of learning that defines our vibrant learning community across Canada and beyond!

Be sure to tune into our latest MindShareTV Student Corner podcast featuring our newly selected high school co-op students as they share their, hopes dreams and vision of the future beyond high school.


The world continues to get smaller as I was on zoom conversations this week with the Canadian trade commissioner from Uruguay and a potential EdTech collaborator from Vietnam! Canada's leadership in the EdTech space certainly bodes well for our next generation leaders.


One of the Highlights of the Week: Don't miss the opportunity to tune in tomorrow at 4 pm EST for a Special Black History Month conversation. Join me, and Randy Osei, the celebrated Canadian EdTech Startup of the Year winner, as we share invaluable insights and celebrate excellence in the realm of education technology and supporting athletes in developing essential skills to thrive beyond their athletic careers.


Featured GenAI Innovation of the Week:

This week, we spotlight aiEDU, a non-profit dedicated to creating equitable learning experiences through foundational AI literacy. Their work exemplifies our shared commitment to accessible and inclusive education for all, emphasizing the importance of AI literacy in today's digital world.


Upcoming Events & Challenges:

The excitement builds for the 16th Schools of the Future Student Invention Challenge. With new sponsors on board, we're set to make this edition more impactful than ever. Your innovative ideas are welcome, so don't hesitate to get in touch and learn more about how you can contribute to shaping the future of education.

Community Highlights:

A heartfelt thank you to the MindShare Workspace for hosting DPCDSB SHSM Business Students from St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic Secondary School. The collaborative design thinking workshop, led by our team, was a testament to the power of entrepreneurship education and the creative potential of our youth.


C21 Canada shines this week with a special C21 Canada Leadership Series Podcast featuring New CEO Academy Member Randy MacLEAN @RandolphMacLEAN
Superintendent/CEO, Anglophone East School District. Randy shares his leadership journey including his time as the VP of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and how he coped with the tragic bus accident and how it impacted him personally and professionally. It was one of the most moving and inspirational podcasts I've done to date. Be sure to tune it. 


Reading Recommendations:

"Make: AI Robots" by the experts at Steamlabs. This book is a treasure trove of knowledge for young minds eager to explore the world of AI and robotics, providing a hands-on approach to learning that's both engaging and educational.

In the News:

Our newsletter also brings you the top news stories impacting the K-12 and post-secondary education sectors, from the rapid adoption of AI in Ontario classrooms to innovative projects promoting sustainable habits and supporting women entrepreneurs. These stories are a reflection of the dynamic changes and challenges we face as a community committed to advancing education.

Professional Learning Opportunities:

Looking ahead, we have an exciting lineup of professional learning events, including SXSW EDU, Dell Education Summit, CoSN Summit, the ASU + GSV Summit, ERDI Canada, ISTE and more. These platforms offer unparalleled opportunities for professional growth, networking, and the exchange of ideas.

Resources for Teachers and Parents:

Finally, our Teacher/Parent Resources Corner is packed with tools and insights to support educators and parents in nurturing the next generation of learners. From exploring the beauty of mathematics to introducing children to coding, these resources are designed to empower and enrich the educational experience.
As we look forward to the week ahead, let's continue to support each other, share our successes, and work together to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Your dedication and passion for education technology are what drive this community forward, and I am honored to be a part of this journey with you.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with news, research, jobs, or upcoming events! Or, drop me a note to learn more about our digital media and consulting services!

Special thanks to our awesome team, board of advisors and valued clients and partners, who help make this report possible on a weekly basis.


Until next time, stay healthy, stay safe, and keep the digital learning curve steep!
Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
President, MindShare Learning Technology™
Chief Digital Publisher, The MindShare Learning Report™
Founder, MindShare Workspace
CEO & Co-founder, C21 Canada™ -- A not for profit, Canadians for 21st Century Learning & Innovation

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Tune in Tomorrow at 4 pm EST for a special
Black History Month conversation!
Join Robert Martellacci and Randy Osei, the EdTech Startup of the Year winner, as they share insights and celebrate excellence.
16th Schools of the Future Student Invention Challenge
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Featured GenAI Tool of Week
aiEDU is a non-profit that creates equitable learning experiences that build foundational AI literacy. Whether you have nine weeks or just five minutes, we have an engaging, free curriculum that’s easy to use.
MindShare Workspace had the pleasure of hosting PDSB SHSM Business Students from St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic Secondary School. They joined an entrepreneurship presentation by our Founder & CEO, Robert Martellacci, and actively engaged in a collaborative design thinking workshop.
C21 Canada Spotlight
Podcast Series featuring New CEO Academy Member Randy MacLEAN, Superintendent/CEO, Anglophone East School District in Conversation with Robert Martellacci, CEO, C21 Canada

Tweet of the Week
Book of the Week

Make: AI Robots: Create Amazing Robots with Artificial Intelligence Using micro:bit


Artificial intelligence is a tool to explore and create, and it starts here with the experts at Steamlabs, a nonprofit that teaches teens to not just be users of technology, but to create with technology so they can be help shape our future.
Make: AI Robots introduces young people to AI through exciting craft projects that start with a mechanical cardboard creation, integrates fun electronic lights and motors, adds simple coding on a micro:bit, and then teaches how to train AI to create a spark of life.

With 32 projects designed to guide beginners through increasing challenges, Make: AI Robots is the perfect way to feed curious minds with fun AI experiments that will delight and inspire.
K-12 Top News Stories
1. AI use is rapidly growing in Ontario classrooms. How should school boards deal with it?, February 15, 2024

The province is being called on to help navigate the uncharted territory of artificial intelligence in schools, as educators worldwide grapple with how to responsibly use these rapidly evolving technologies.
2. A Comprehensive New Toolkit from the State of Ohio and aiEDU Helps Educators Responsibly and Effectively Integrate AI into Education
The AI Toolkit meets the need by providing two types of guidance: (1) guidance on a sound, transparent, and practical method for translating high-level aspirational goals into actionable AI-focused policies and (2) guidance on the resources available to stakeholders (superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, and the citizens of Ohio generally) as they seek to implement that method on the way to concrete policies and practices that ensure the safe, effective, and responsible integration of AI in Ohio’s schools.
3. YOUR FETC 2024 RECAP, NARRATED BY AI, February 13, 2024

As we reflect on the best moments of 2024’s National Future of Education Technology Conference, one observation stands out: The future of education is artificial intelligence. So, to welcome this inevitable force, what better way to break down the event than through AI itself?
4. Spreading Smiles: Holy Redeemer Students’ Gaming Cart Initiative, February 21, 2024

Step into Holy Redeemer Catholic School, and you’ll find more than just classrooms bustling with eager minds; you’ll discover a heartwarming initiative that epitomizes our students’ compassionate spirit and creative spark. It is spearheaded by the dynamic Mme. Babineau. She works with a group of Grade 4 and 5 students immersed in the Social Entrepreneurs Program on a mission to spread joy to the young patients at Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Ottawa. The “RMH Gaming Cart” is more than just a project; it symbolizes the hope that brightens the days of young patients residing at Ronald McDonald House in Ottawa.
5. Manitoba mentor advocates for girls in STEM across schools, February 13, 2024

Dr. Anju Bajaj is mentoring and advocating for hundreds of girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) across schools in Manitoba.

Bajaj, who has four master’s degrees and a PhD, says she could teach anywhere but it’s crucial to get interested in STEM at a young age.

Post-Secondary Top News 
6. AI art generators have a place in K-12 classrooms, say researchers, February 20, 2024

Today’s K-12 students live in symbiosis with AI more than previous generations could have imagined. Algorithms permeate almost every facet of their lives, from Google searches to the algorithms that select their music, films and TikTok videos — influencing the choices they make and the way they see the world.
7. More than $1M in funding approved to support women entrepreneurs and attract international businesses to York Region, February 15, 2024

York University and the Treefrog Accelerator have partnered with The Regional Municipality of York (York Region) to give businesses led by international talent and women entrepreneurs a JumpSTART in York Region with funding of more than $1 million.

York Regional Council has committed $1.08 million in funding from the York Region Innovation Investment Fund over three years for Project JumpSTART to continue strengthening York Region’s business economy through fostering innovation with a focus on international and women-led tech entrepreneurs.
8. Freedom Dreaming event celebrates Black excellence in STEMM, February 21, 2024

As Black History Month comes to a close, we reflect on the rich contributions Black people have made to our community and country.

The Faculty of Science is celebrating Black History Month with an event that shines a spotlight on the creativity and innovation of Black people in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine (STEMM).

As well as highlighting the brilliance of Black people in STEMM, the Freedom Dreaming event will help untangle the challenges racialized communities currently face in these fields. The event takes place Thursday, Feb. 29 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the MacEwan Hall Ballroom. "Freedom Dreaming is going to be a wonderful event," says organizer Dr. Jennifer Adams, PhD, a professor in chemistry and Canada Research Chair in Creativity and STEMM.
9. Students help community members adopt sustainable habits, February 14, 2024

Getting individuals to adopt sustainable habits sometimes means finding a community-based solution. A group of McMaster students learned that lesson last semester, helping both elementary school students adopt greener modes of transportation, and creating a platform for campus community members to give unwanted items a second life.
10. Reimagining higher education: Seneca Polytechnic set to transform postsecondary learning with integration of Microsoft Azure AI, February 22, 2024

TORONTO, Feb. 22, 2024 – Seneca Polytechnic announced it is bringing the power of Microsoft Azure AI technology to students and employees through several new initiatives designed to prepare students for the workforce of the future.
Professional Learning Events 
March 4-7, 2024                          
K12: Education: Unleash the Creative Potential of AI with Dell Technologies and Microsoft
March 20, 2024                          
COSN 2024
April 8-10, 2024                           
ASU + GSV Summit
April 14-17, 2024                           
CAP 2024 Toronto, Canadian Association of Principals
April 23-26, 2024                           
June 15-16, 2024                           
ISTE Conference
June 23-26, 2024                          
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference
October 21-24, 2024                 

Teacher/Parent Resources Corner 

Parent Teaching Resources 
1. Code To Learn,The Importance and Beauty of Mathematics 


"The applications of mathematics have often yielded fascinating representations and results. The beauty in mathematics can be found in the process of deriving elegant and succinct approaches to resolving problems. Other times, messy problems and seeming chaos may culminate in beautiful, sometimes surprising, results that are both simple and generalizable. Most important, the beauty of mathematics is experienced when exciting breakthroughs in problem solving are made and an air of relief and awe is enjoyed. The two aspects of mathematics, aesthetics and application, are deeply interconnected." Ontario Ministry of Education, 2020
2. Create a LYNX Project

LYNX is a cloud-based coding app for children aged 9 through high school, built upon 25+ years of experience designing coding programs for students.


It's the perfect intro to coding for all students and an excellent stepping stone for students wanting to continue on to Python or JavaScript.

Easily share your finished projects with friends & family. They don't need LYNX accounts!


"I love so much how responsive the developers are when I email them. My students are often amazed that I can communicate with and pose questions to the creators of the program. It's a luxury of LYNX!"

Bob Kahn, Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

3. Free edWeb webinars with CE certificates

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