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Mindshare TV Podcast with Award-Winning, Educator, Melissa Dent, Sharing Her Journey in Embracing EdTech in the Classroom & Essential Tips & Tricks on Entering the Schools of the Future [Student Innovation] Challenge!

Dear MindShare Learning Community Members,


Happy Monday! As we embrace another exciting month, I am delighted to share with you the highlights and breakthroughs in educational technology featured in our newest edition of the Canadian EdTech MindShare Report, Issue #336.


I'm pleased to be back at the workspace after a whirlwind east coast trip NB, PEI and NS this past week as I shared and learned more about future of GenAI in education. My travels provided excellent insight and inspiration as we finalize our research and writing of our national C21 CIO Canada Report on the Future of AI in K12 releasing next month! What I love about east coasters, they are resilient, innovative and possess a ‘can do’ spirit! Hence, no surprise that NB has led the way in embracing AI as the first to host a province-wide 'Think-Tank' in K12!  


This Week on MindShareTV: Don't miss our feature with Melissa Dent, last year's Champion of the Challenge, as she unveils essential tips & tricks on entering the Schools of the Future Student Innovation Challenge! Get inspired to participate and make your mark! 


Not to be missed! Unboxing EdTech with Luc Goudreault, CEO, Vireo shares their generous prizing as part of the Schools of the Future, 'Classroom Makeover' prize pack promoting STEM learning through hydroponic gardening.


Highlight on SEL: Don't miss the in-depth review by Timothy Gard, our Chief Learning Strategist, on the Second Step K-8 Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program. This comprehensive resource aims to integrate emotional intelligence, empathy, and conflict resolution skills within our educational systems, fostering safer and more respectful learning environments.


Highlight of the Week: We are proud to spotlight the 16th Canadian Schools of the Future Student Invention Challenge. This initiative encourages students to address real-world problems with innovative solutions aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It’s a testament to young creativity and serves as a call to action for educators everywhere to inspire their students.


GenAI Tool of the Week Spotlight: This week's GenAI spotlight is on Cognii, a dynamic AI tool revolutionizing personalized learning. With its robust capabilities, Cognii enhances educational engagement and effectiveness, making it an essential asset for educators striving to adapt to the diverse learning needs of their students.


K-12 News: Nashwaaksis Middle School secures a spot in the prestigious Canadian CyberTitan Nationals.  From Ontario's new policies on cellphone and vaping in schools to innovative outdoor learning initiatives, we bring you the latest developments that are setting the standards for a healthier, more focused educational environment.


Post-Secondary News: Discover cutting-edge approaches in nursing education and AI governance, showcasing how tertiary institutions are leading the charge in adopting advanced technologies to enhance academic and operational excellence.


C21 Canada Spotlight: How one District is leading the way in Canada in embracing GenAI system-wide. C21 Canada Leadership Podcast Series on the Future of AI in Education, featuring Tom D’ Amico, Director, Ottawa Catholic School Board. 


Upcoming Events and Resources: Don't miss our upcoming professional learning events, including the Skills Ontario Competition and the Mental Health Summit. These events are fantastic opportunities to expand your knowledge and network with other education professionals. Just in! We're thrilled to share we've confirmed our partnership with UofT Scarborough as the host partner of the MindShare15th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit & Teacher STEM Showcase, November 1-2! SAVE THE DATES!


Community Engagements and Contributions: We continue to be inspired by your stories and achievements. This month, we feature community contributions that highlight significant strides in educational research and community involvement. Your efforts are pivotal in driving the narrative of transformation and success in our education systems.


Thank you for your ongoing engagement and contributions to the MindShare Learning community. Your dedication enriches our collective journey towards a more innovative and equitable educational landscape.


Feel free to drop me a note with your inspiring news, research, careers, and upcoming events.


On behalf of our team, we are grateful for the growing MindShare Learning community we are nurturing across Canada and beyond (over 25 countries receive our eMag!). Special thanks to you, our board of advisors, partners, and team who continue to inspire me every day!


In closing, I'm happy to share that we listened to our readership and have refined our eMag to include menu buttons to enhance your ability to navigate our extensive EdTech Report! 


Until next time, stay healthy, stay safe, and keep the digital learning curve steep!
P.S. Only 19 Days to Go in Canada's Schools of the Future [Student Innovation] Challenge! ENTER NOW to WIN!
Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
Founder & President, MindShare Learning Technology™
Chief Digital Publisher, The MindShare Learning Report™
Founder, MindShare Workspace--Your Place to Work & Learning
CEO & Co-founder, C21 Canada--Canadians for 21st Century Learning & Innovation
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19 Days to Go! ENTER NOW!
Schools of the Future Press Release
Sneak Peek Unboxing Schools of the Future Contest Prizing with Luc, CEO of Vireo education!
Second Step Product Review
By Timothy Gard, Chief Learning Strategist, MindShare Learning Report
The Second Step K-8 Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program is a comprehensive resource for educators and consultants aiming to embed emotional intelligence, empathy, and conflict-resolution skills within the fabric of elementary and secondary education. Designed by the Committee for Children, a non-profit organization that fosters safe and respectful environments for students to learn and grow, Second Step is a research-based and teacher-informed approach to SEL. Social-emotional issues significantly impact educational environments. This assertion can be supported by a range of evidence, including academic research, psychological studies and, as this teacher can attest, direct observation in school contexts.
NB Education Hosts First Province-Wide AI in Education Think Tank in Canada
MindShare Learning CEO and Founder Robert Martellacci, was honoured to participate in the AI in education think tank in Fredericton with the Government of New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.
MindShare Learning Holland College Site Visit with Doug Currie, VP Corporate, Strategic Development and Stakeholder Relations & Former PEI Education & Health Minister
Did you know Holland College has one of the top culinary programs in Canada? And is home to the Culinary Institute of Canada ‘You Gotta Eat Here!’
C21 Canada CEO Academy Spotlight
C21 Canada Leadership Podcast Series on the Future of AI in Education, featuring Tom D’ Amico, Director, Ottawa Catholic District School Board.
Tom D'Amico, Director of Education, Ottawa Catholic School Board shares his District's journey in embracing GenAI across his school system.
Featured GenAI Tool of Week
Cognii is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence based educational technologies. We work with organizations in the K-12, higher education, and corporate training markets to help them deliver 21st century online education with superior learning outcomes and cost efficiency.

Quote of the Week
Book of the Week
The authors believe that the world of generative AI will have as big an impact on our lives as the invention of the personal computer. This dynamic book provides a good background on the emerging world of generative AI, highlighting many powerful applications, and exploring the techniques used by this technology as well as its features and pitfalls. While directed toward educators, it is of value to anyone who wants to explore this amazing field that will soon touch nearly all parts of our lives.
K-12 Top News Stories
1. Ontario Tightens Rules on Cellphone Use, Bans Vaping in Schools
Changes come as province sees 'alarming rise' of vaping, cellphone use in classrooms
CBC News, April 28, 2024

The Ontario government is introducing new measures to crack down on cellphone use and vaping in schools as the province sees an "alarming rise" of vaping and cellphone distractions in classrooms.


In an announcement Sunday, Education Minister Stephen Lecce said the province is removing distractions as part of its back-to-basics plan, and addressing the "negative impact" of mobile devices, social media and vaping in classrooms.
2. Why the P.E.I. Home and School Federation wants to streamline screen time, April 16, 2024
A resolution to regulate screen time in Island schools passed last weekend at the P.E.I. Home and School Federation's annual meeting. Shannon Brunell, president of the federation, tells CBC News: Compass host Louise Martin what the group hopes to achieve.
3. Students Take Learning Outdoors at rare Charitable Research Reserve, April 22, 2024

Every day, school safety professionals and administrators are determined to make sure their students are safe and protected from the moment they step onto school grounds until the moment they leave.
4. Nearly $650,000 in Additional Funding Approved Through Teacher Innovation and Support Fund, April 18, 2024

Another 17 teacher-led projects have been approved for funding through the Teacher Innovation and Support Fund, totaling $647,900. 

This third round of funding means over $1.5 million has now been allocated through the Fund to schools and communities across the province to date.
5. Fredericton middle school selected for national cyber competition, April 20, 2024

Two teams from Nashwaaksis Middle School have been selected to compete in the Canadian CyberTitan Nationals from May 8-9. Click here to watch full interview.

Post-Secondary Top News 
6. Innovative nursing education: Mannequins lead the way in Alberta, April 22, 2024

In Alberta, traditional nursing education is getting a high-tech makeover thanks to life-like mannequins like Alex in the Bow Valley College simulation lab.

These mannequins, equipped with breathing, blinking and speaking capabilities, are shaping the future of nursing education.
7. Using Technology to Help Conserve At-Risk Fish Species, April 18, 2024

A co-op student joins the GIS & Natural Resource Management team to gather data that can help increase understanding of fish habitats in the Columbia River basin. 

"It has been great to see the intersection of GIS and fisheries in a very applied way,” says Emma Lognon, a graduate of the Recreation, Fish & Wildlife and Geographic Information Systems programs.
8. Governance and policymaking in the AI era, April 16, 2024

With the rapid advancement and adoption of artificial intelligence, it’s crucial for policy leaders to have a high-level understanding of its impact to make informed decisions. To help the Canadian government navigate this technological disruption, WatSPEED has developed a new program, AI Adoption, Policy and Governance, enabling senior policymakers to lead through the opportunities and challenges that AI presents.
9. Innovation and talent shines at Sask Polytech hackathon and Information and Communications Technology student showcase April 16, 2024

In March 2024, Saskatchewan Polytechnic students demonstrated their creativity and problem-solving skills at the institution's first-ever hackathon, Sask Polytech Hack 2024. This exciting event brought together teams from different School of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) programs, including Computer Systems Technology and Interactive Design & Technology (among others), to compete and develop innovative solutions to enhance the Sask Polytech experience for future students.
10. ASU+GSV Summit tackles big questions around AI, technology, education, April 15, 2024

The annual ASU+GSV Summit kicked off in San Diego on Sunday, drawing thousands of leaders for a four-day event that focuses on delivering education and workforce skills at scale.

This year’s theme is “Here Comes the Sun,” and new to the 2024 summit is a special AIR Show at ASU+GSV on AI revolution in education. The new event, which is free for attendees, takes place at the San Diego Convention Center on April 13–15 and features talks, performances and more that celebrate the ways artificial intelligence has been leveraged — from preschool through higher education.
Career Opportunities
With Thanks to Jeff Patterson, Founder & CEO, Gaggle for his awesome weekly careers in EdTech curation!
Professional Learning Events 
Skills Ontario Competition
May 6-8, 2024                           
Mental Health Summit
May 17, 2024                           
ECNO Conference
June 2-4, 2024                           
June 15-16, 2024                           
ISTE Conference
June 23-26, 2024                          
HolonIQ 2024 'Back to School' Summit
September 10-11, 2024                          
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference
October 21-24, 2024                 

Teacher/Parent Resources Corner 

Parent Teaching Resources 
1. Aleks:McGraw Hill


ALEKS Adventure is driven by a dynamic AI engine that identifies each student’s knowledge state and the topics they are ready to learn, then feeds them lessons on those specific topics. It also recognizes where students are struggling and adjusts their personalized learning path in real time.
2. Sustainable Development Goals Lesson Plans

We've seen how games can change classrooms and communities for the better, but can they really help all of humanity survive — and even thrive?

The United Nations has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . These are must-reach targets for the year 2030, and have been crafted with the purpose of supporting continued comfortable human life on Earth.


3. Free edWeb webinars with CE certificates

 Leading Innovation in Education

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