Can/Am July 2024
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Unboxing EdTech MindShareTV with Robert Matellacci & Glenn Collins on the Launch of Umety Classroom 3.0 from ISTE Live

Dear MindShare Learning Community Members,


We are thrilled to bring you the July edition of the CanAm Special ISTE EdTech Report. This month's edition is packed with exciting updates, inspiring stories, and valuable resources to keep you engaged in professional learning during your summer holidays! 


Speaking of which, on behalf of our team, we'd like to wish our friends & colleagues in the U.S. a memorable 4th of July holiday. 


Highlights from ISTELive 2024: We had a memorable time at ISTELive in Denver, where we celebrated the CanAm Meetup. The conference was punctuated by a vast number of sessions on GenAI which we embrace with cautionary measures. AI/VR and robotics dominated the exhibit show floor. Special thanks to ISTE for our much-valued media partnership. And to our amazing CanAm guests, sponsors, and partners. A notable mention to Alana Winnick for gifting her new book, which is sure to inspire our community. Incidentally, Alana is our featured lunchtime keynote at the forthcoming 15th Canadian EdTech Summit! Important to note that today marks the end of the Super Earlybird special! Register here. Watch for more ISTELive news in future issues! 


Key Updates:

  • Umety Unboxing at ISTELive. Winner Best of Show Exhibit! 
  • Checkout ISTELive by the Numbers over 17,000 Attendees. Canada makes its mark with the most International delegates!
  • The 15th MindShare Canadian EdTech Summit will take place from October 31 to November 2 at UofT Toronto. Don't miss out on the super early bird registration ends tomorrow!
  • The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service has announced the United States education technology - Canadian Technology Accelerator program. This seven-month hybrid program aims to accelerate the business development of high-growth potential startup companies in the U.S.
  • Our featured GenAI tool of the week, TeachMateAI, is revolutionizing education by saving teachers significant time with its AI-powered tools.

Inspiring Stories:

  • Tech-savvy students showcased their skills at the Develop The Future event at Science World.
  • St. Mother Teresa High School's Sciency Squids made a splash at the Let’s Talk Science Challenge, demonstrating outstanding STEM knowledge.
  • A University Canada West student developed a budgeting app, helping users manage their finances efficiently.

Quotes and Insights: Richard Culatta, CEO of ISTE, highlighted that cheating is a cultural problem, not a technological one. This perspective reminds us of the importance of addressing underlying issues in education.

Resources and Events:

  • Check out the book of the week, "Artificial Intelligence in Education: Fundamentals for Educators," which provides crucial insights into AI's role in education.
  • Join us for upcoming professional learning events, including the Serious Play Conference and the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.

We are grateful for your continued support and engagement. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education technology, let's stay connected, share our successes, and inspire each other to lead innovation in education.


Have a memorable summer with your family and friends!


Until next time, stay healthy, stay safe, and keep the digital learning curve steep!
P.S. Canadian EdTech Industry leaders take note! Join us July 17th for a hybrid EdTech Canada gathering to explore How the EdTech Sector Must Adapt to Meet the Needs of Teachers & Learners in an AI Inspired World. DM me to attend.
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Founder & President, MindShare Learning Technology™
Chief Digital Publisher, The MindShare Learning Report™
Founder, MindShare Workspace--Your Place to Work & Learning
CEO & Co-founder, C21 Canada--Canadians for 21st Century Learning & Innovation
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Wishing our Friends & Colleagues a Memorable
4th of July Long Weekend!
15th MindShare Canadian EdTech Summit Announces Keynote Presenters
Super Earlybird Registration Valid till July 5th!
ISTE Live Spotlight
MindShare Learning was a proud Media Partner 

A memorable 29th #ISTELive @ISTEofficial #Denver #CanAm Celebration Meetup! Special thanks to our amazing guests & sponsors @CGCanDenver @TCS_SDC  @SprigLearning @ClassLink @C21Can @AdvancingEdu
 Special thanks to @AlanaWinnick for gifting her new book! Building #edtech community

ISTE By The Numbers 
Cool to see Canada's leadership impact as well as contributing the largest International delegation! We look forward to building on this for next year! 
Great to connect with Jeff Lowe, Exec VP, SMART Technologies while walking the ISTE Show Floor with David Smith, Canadian Trade Commissioner. Alana Winnick, is all set to kickoff her outstanding panel on Generative AI in Education. Watch for the recording soon!
Look no further than Canva for making the greatest global impact on education by democratizing the design process.
ISTE Exhibit Highlight
Learning adventure with United Robotics Group
Umety Best of Show Exhibit at ISTE
C21 Canada Spotlight 
Collision Conference Spotlight: EdTech Leaders Present on the Future of AI @ Canada's Largest Technology Conference  

Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Announces United States education technology - Canadian Technology Accelerator

The Education Tech (EdTech) Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) is a seven-month hybrid program meant to accelerate the business development of high-growth potential startup companies in the United States (US). Deadline to enter, August 31, 2024
Grateful for an insightful session on 'Navigating the AI-Inspired #EdTech Ecosystem in Canada & Beyond!' at the Collision conference. Special thanks to our esteemed presenters, Ramy Ghattas @RamyGhattas of @LOGICSAcademy, Nesmith Chingcuanco of @iBlumLearning, Katina Papulkas @KatPapulkas @DellTechLearn C21 Canada Board of Advisors member, and host Robert Martellacci, CEO, C21 Canada, MindShare Learning. Your expertise and vision are shaping the future of education. Special thanks to partner, Canada's Trade Commissioner Service.
Featured GenAI Tool of Week
TeachMateAI is the leading education AI assistant, trusted by over 195,000 educators worldwide. To date, we've saved teachers 91,775 days of time with our AI powered tools.

Quote of the Week

Cheating is a cultural problem not a technological one.  

Research has shown that 70% of US high school students cheat. However the rate has not changed from before and after the availability of generative AI"

-- Richard Culatta, ISTE, CEO #ISTELive24
Book of the Week
Artificial Intelligence in Education: Fundamentals for Educators presents those issues in artificial intelligence (AI) that are of concern to teachers when coming to understand the various aspects involved with the field, and how they relate and can be applied to those in education. This includes developing a working knowledge of the key concepts behind AI, and an understanding of the characteristics and evolution of the field itself.
AI Spotlight
Generative Artificial Intelligence in TK-12 Education Guidelines
Gen AI has the potential to revolutionize education by personalizing learning, fostering
creativity and preparing students for the future. However, concerns about bias,
misinformation and data privacy must be addressed to ensure its responsible use.
K-12 Top News Stories
1. EdTech Index Announces Quality Indicators for New Tools, July 1, 2024

Choosing the right ed-tech tools can be a complicated process. Now, as AI floods the market amid national calls for improving the design and accessibility of ed-tech tools, seven education organizations have come together to provide decision-making assistance.


The organizations — 1EdTech, CAST, Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), Digital Promise, InnovativeEDU, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) — recently announced the establishment of five common quality indicators that can be used to evaluate ed-tech tools, along with a coordinated review and credentialing system.
2. Introducing Canva's Teacher Essentials Certification, June 27, 2024
We're inspired every day by the creativity and dedication of teachers around the world. Over 70 million students and teachers now use Canva across 640,000 schools globally, and we've seen the incredible impact that passionate educators can have on student success. We know carving out time to create enriching and impactful learning experiences can be challenging, so we’re always striving to develop new resources to make teachers’ lives easier.
3. District Students Inspire with Innovative App Projects, June 26, 2024

Tech-savvy students from a pair of District schools recently had the opportunity to show off their skills and creativity at Science World, as part of a program called Develop The Future.

At the event, which was held earlier this month, three groups of students – two groups of Grade 7s from Dorothy Peacock Elementary and one group of 11/2 programming students from Brookswood Secondary – shared their original ideas for a phone app.
4. St. Mother Teresa team Sciency Squids make a splash at Let’s Talk Science Challenge!, June 24, 2024

St. Mother Teresa High School Grade 7/8 Science Teacher, Mr. Michael Major, led three outstanding teams from St. Mother Teresa to Carleton University for the Let’s Talk Science Challenge in April. This team-based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) competition is designed for students in Grades 6-8 to explore new STEM topics and demonstrate their knowledge in a fun and supportive environment.
5. ISTE to Launch Enhanced Edtech Index Powered by AWS: A Platform for Empowering Educators and Transforming Education
ISTE, June 24, 2024

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) today announced the launch of an enhanced Edtech Index, a platform that aims to streamline the way educators access and utilize educational resources, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In partnership with other leading education organizations, ISTE has pledged to address the burden educators face in identifying quality digital learning tools and the challenge edtech providers face in developing high-quality tools.
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Post-Secondary Top News 
6. As More AI Tools Emerge in Education, so Does Concern Among Teachers About Being Replaced, July 02, 2024

When ChatGPT and other new generative AI tools emerged in late 2022, the major concern for educators was cheating. After all, students quickly spread the word on TikTok and other social media platforms that with a few simple prompts, a chatbot could write an essay or answer a homework assignment in ways that would be hard for teachers to detect.

A University Canada West student has developed an app to help individuals plan their budgets.

Budgety, created by MBA student Mary-Margaret Chisom Ezeh, is a mobile application that helps people track their financial transactions, manage their budgets and stay on top of their finances. Chisom said she wanted to design the app so users could plan their budgets in a fun and easy way.
8. AI system built by Western prof transforms London job portal, June 24, 2024

When computer science professor Anwar Haque first connected with the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), the organization and its member companies were manually populating its job board with postings. 

It meant staff spent time copying and pasting employment opportunities and formatting them to fit with the style of LEDC’s central job board. As London saw rapid population growth, job postings were exploding.
9. A robot friend for vision treatment, June 26, 2024

It’s a potentially life-altering medical condition typically diagnosed in childhood. The good news is treatment works well if followed properly. The bad news is the treatment is hard to stick to.

An interdisciplinary team of University of Waterloo researchers is trying to improve treatment adherence through use of a social robot that can educate and motivate children and their caregivers.
10. App powered by McMaster researchers to help UK electorate make informed voting decisions, June 25, 2024

McMaster University researchers are the driving force behind a tool helping UK voters understand how their views align with the policies of major political parties ahead of the upcoming general election.  

Vote Compass UK went live on June 24. The online tool helps people make sense of the political landscape by revealing how their individual views compare with the policies of the various parties running for election.
Career Opportunities
SAVE THE DATE: 15th Canadian EdTech Summit UofT Toronto October 31- November 2. Call for Speakers and Sponsors! Get your SUPER early bird tickets before June 30th!
Professional Learning Events 
Serious Play Conference
August 12-14, 2024                          
HolonIQ 2024 'Back to School' Summit
September 10-11, 2024                          
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference
October 21-24, 2024                          
15th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit
October 31-November 2nd, 2024                          
IT4K12 Conference
November 5-6, 2024                          
EDSpaces, Designing the Future of Education
November 12-14, 2024                          
Public Sector Network, EduTech, The Evolution of Learning
November 20, 2024                 

Teacher/Parent Resources Corner 

Parent Teaching Resources 
1. Prodigy's Summer 2024 Activity Bundle for Kids


This engaging activity bundle is designed to keep students entertained and learning during the summer break. The BINGO format encourages a variety of challenges that cater to different interests and learning styles.
2. PBS Kids
3. Free edWeb webinars with CE certificates

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