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This Week in Canadian EdTech MindShareTV Prime Minister's Awards Edition with Becky Delio, TDSB
 Fashion, Business Entrepreneurship Educator at Central Toronto Academy

Dear Thought Leader, 


To our many American MindShare clients, friends and community members, wishing you and your family a happy and memorable Thanksgiving long weekend! 


This Week in Canadian EdTech MindShareTV marks the launch of our Prime Minister's Awards Teacher Spotlight Series featuring this inspiring Becky Delio, teacher colleague Kevin Desousa and students. Be inspired by these amazing teachers and students! 


Dr. Michael Fullan is back with us on MindShareTV on his recent book, Spirit Work, is a convergence of his decades of research and quite possibly his best work! Be sure to have a listen! 


Last but not least of our MindShareTV podcasts, Julia Fallon, Executive Director, SETDA, a fellow Pepperdine U EdTech Masters program grad, shares highlights from their recent SETDA Forum in D.C. Congrats on landing the contract to write the State Department's EdTech Plan! 


In this issue we release the closing keynote from our recent #CDNEdTech22 in Montreal featuring Phil Cutler, CEO, Paper Learning. Don't miss Phil's inspirational story on how they achieved unicorn status in just 7 years. Next week we feature, Dr. Peter Balyta, President, Texas Instruments Education Division, on his STEM focused keynote.


Last chance to participate! As a Mindshare community member, please take 5 minutes to share your insights and expertise! Receive a VIP pass to next year's Canadian EdTech Summit!  While the 13th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit has come and gone, the conversations continue! As we are compiling Summit insights, research, podcast recordings and highlights compiled in Canadian EdTech Crisis Preparedness Playbook. Complete our 5 question survey to garner deeper insights on how you were impacted, or made an impact to sustain learning and help students thrive. We welcome any research or case studies too! We will recognize your contributions in our digital publication! 


In my capacity as CEO of C21 Canada, we are looking forward to hosting this upcoming Webinar: Monday, December 12th, 4pm ET C21 Canada>> TECHNOLOGY in PUBLIC EDUCATION ~ A NATIONAL CONVERSATION >>  
" Exploring the Digital Equity and Learning Gap: What Are the Strategies, Tools, and Platforms School Boards and Districts are Leveraging to Support Teachers & Students." RSVP here.


I hope you enjoy this week's Top 10 Canadian EdTech Report powered by MindShare Learning. 


Feel free to call me directly at 416-569-2106, or drop me an email, if we can be of further support to your organization's innovation transformation, or edtech growth plans through our strategic consulting services and our recently launched Canadian EdTech Alliance!


Thank you for the inspiration and kind feedback that motivates our team to provide you with mission critical research and insights to optimize your learning and technology planning and implemention in the classroom and across your school district.


For those EdTechs planning to attend the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in New Orleans, this year we are planning a Canadian trade mission, that will include our 26th CanAm VIP Networking reception and a Canadian tradeshow pavillion. Drop me a note if you are interested in joining us! 


As you can gather it's been a busy fall season, thanks to the amazing work of Canadian educators and EdTechs. One last item, we are thrilled to be celebrating our 5th Anniversary Holiday Reception at the MindShare Workspace, December 6 at Erin Mills Towne Centre in Mississauga. Do plan to join us from near or far! RSVP here


Special thanks to our team and advisory board members for their incredible commitment and support in raising the bar of excellence each week! 


Until next time, stay healthy, stay safe and keep the digital learning curve steep!
P.S. Watch for Canada's Top 10 Newsmakers of the Year in EdTech Coming December! DM me with your picks! 
Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
President, MindShare Learning Technology™
Chief Digital Publisher, The MindShare Learning Report™
Founder, MindShare Workspace
CEO & Co-founder, C21 Canada™ -- A not for profit, Canadians for 21st Century Learning & Innovation

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OASBO Spotlight
Chris Demers, CIO Waterloo Catholic kicking off the OASBO Conference with Conference Co-Chairs, Doug Fiebig and Jason Hillier. Kudos on a super successful conference!
Always great to connect 'in-person' with friends and colleagues, Karen Woods (Edsby) and Jeremy Hedges (Inksmith) founder. A little trivia, Karen we discovered was the most seasoned EdTech Industry leader in our circles at the OASBO conference. 38 years in the sector! Apparently she began here career staight out of high school! :)
The OASBO Summit was a popular spot to connect and explore the latest EdTech gadgets and solutions. Powerful informal learning too!
This Week in Canadian EdTech MindShareTV with special guest Michael Fullan on his new book: Spirit Work, centers love & care for students, staff, & communities as the impetus to creating a positive culture while collaboration is the vehicle for manifesting that spirit work
13th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit
Closing Keynote Phil Cutler, CEO, Paper,
Recorded Podcast
This Week in Canadian EdTech MindShareTV with
Julia Fallon, Executive Director, SETDA celebrating
20 years at their recent Forum in D.C.
Coming Soon! Please Contribute your
Thoughts & Ideas!

 Quote of the Week  

“How do we help teachers get from surviving to thriving?” - Dr. Matt Rhoads
Watch for the podcast with Dr. Matt Rhoads in the next Top 10 report.
CanAm Spotlight
Congratulations "Best Canadian Company" winner Smart Technologies!
C21 Canada Spotlight
Technology in Public Education
National Webinar Series
Let's Talk Science Learning Report
- Snapshot of a Decade
Book of the Week
Spirit is the essence of character, of what it means to be human. Finding hope in the power of collaboration underpinned by 'spirit work' -- the care and love of students as learners -- Fullan and Edwards capture how some school districts are creating a deep learning environment for all. COVID-19, racial inequity, polarizing politics, mass misinformatiion, and myriad other challenges have made the future of education seem bleaker than ever. Spirit Work and the Science of Collaboration speaks directly to leaders' hearts and advocates for the development of two qualities that will bring back hope for the future of education: "spirit work" and the science of collaboration. Spirit work centers love and care for students, staff, and communities as the impetus for creating a positive culture, while collaboration is the vehicle for mainifesting that spirit work. Through powerful case studies and vignettes, the authors show how spirit and collaboration represent revolutionary potential for education.

K-12 Top News Stories 
1. N.S. Company Receives $3-Million Investment For Mobile Games That Make Learning Fun For Kids, November 15, 2022
HALIFAX — In North America, teachers and parents are struggling to keep their children interested in reading. There’s a fierce debate happening on the best methods to teach basic literacy to a generation raised on mobile devices.
But Olympian turned tech entrepreneur in Nova Scotia has developed a creative way to motivate kids to be engaged while learning reading comprehension skills.
2. WorldSkills mobile robotics competition result, November 11, 2022
We are thrilled to share the results of the WorldSkills 2022 Special Mobile Robotics Competition that was held in Bordeaux, France in October.
3. Everybody Loves Languages Taps into Exploding Assessment Testing Market in Ecuador, November 16, 2022
From a health perspective, the Latin American (LATAM) and Caribbean (LAC) region was among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Income fell for two-thirds of households, and nearly half of workers stopped working. Despite this harsh reality and economic hardship, learning the English language improved, with more than 70% of countries in the region seeing proficiency grow during 2020.    
This increase in English skills attracts investors and companies looking to enter this region as it becomes a more attractive destination for doing business. Every country from the Andean region of South America (including Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela) saw a material improvement in English proficiency.
4. Saskatoon Play Money program uses early learning techniques to develop financial literacy, November 19, 2022
Saskatchewan’s Foundations & Learning program is helping families develop their financial skills during Canada’s Financial Literacy Month through their Play Money program for preschoolers.
The pilot program includes various activities and books that help children develop financial literacy. It’s been running on Tuesday mornings in downtown Saskatoon and it something organizers hope they can expand on.
5. OCSB Releases 2022 Director’s Annual Report, November 15, 2022
This past year was the second full year of education during a pandemic. Thanks to our entire staff’s efforts, we could still provide a rich educational experience to our students. Our Strategic Commitments of “Be Well,” “Be Innovative,” and “Be Community” served as pillars for the work that we did to support our school communities.
Our Catholic Trustees supported our staff by using reserves to continue focusing on students’ mental health and well-being and offering virtual school options during the pandemic.

Post-Secondary Top News 
6. Students pitch apps to revitalize downtown Calgary November 8, 2022
We live in a mobile world. In fact, there’s a really good chance you’re reading this on your phone right now. (Ignore those Instagram notifications for a minute — there’s cool stuff ahead.
Canada’s app market is projected to reach about $10.8 billion in revenue by 2026. And where there are apps, there are jobs. So what better way for SAIT Software Development students to flex their mobile skills than by pitching apps at a city-wide competition?
7. Canadian universities future-proof students with experiential learning Novmeber 16, 2022
Today, universities across the country are increasingly featuring experiential learning in their undergraduate degree programs. The learning style, which aims to better prepare students for the world of work, requires provinces, learning institutions, professional fields and students to take more of a skills-focused approach to the typical four-year degree.
8. Implementation of Brightspace learning management system well underway November 10, 2022
The Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) implementation project is just past its midpoint and is on track to ensure a successful full launch of the new platform in January. The new LMS, which replaces Blackboard Learn, will host all but a few two-term courses this Winter semester. 
Brightspace is an agile, cloud-based system that offers enhanced accessibility features and a mobile-first design. It has a modern interface that is clean and easy to navigate. Users can also expect minimal downtime as updates and enhancements are delivered monthly.
9. Ontario Tech hosting hundreds of students at 2022 Engineering Robotics Competition on November 26 November 16, 2022
Every year schools from across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario come to Ontario Tech University to be engineers for a day.
On Saturday, November 26, over 40 teams will participate in the 15th annual middle school and high school competition, testing students' Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills. Over the past two months, student teams used LEGO Mindstorm technologies (programmable robots based on LEGO building blocks) to design, build, program, and test ‘sumo bots’ for a full contact arena battle, with the end goal of being the last robot standing.
10. How edtech is embedded in Society 5.0, November 11, 2022
The pandemic saw countless education institutes scramble in a bid to offer remote learning, which just highlighted how ill-prepared they were for future learning.
But in this transition, we also learned something vital: Edtech learning helps to level the playing field for those who are unable to join regular classes due to location, illness, or financial constraints. It offers access to courses that many could only have dreamed of, and it allows for education to be consumed on the students’ own terms, around work, family commitments, or other appointments.
Professional Learning Events 
FETC Conference
Janurary 23-26, 2023                           
March 6-9, 2023                          
Cosn Conference  
March 20-23, 2023                           
ISTE Conference  
June 25-28, 2023                  

Teacher/Parent Resources Corner 

Parent Teaching Resources 
1. Inksmith Mission to the Moon 
2 ways to deliver this FREE coding & robotics courses: Educator or student-guided.
2. TikTok & Education: How TikTok Is Transforming Education For Gen Z
TikTok education teaches all of us a lesson: learning should be fun. 
Simple and useful educational content should be easy to access. TikTok decided to make this happen. In May 2020, the platform announced its initiative #LearnOnTikTok, recognising a vast demand for educational content amongst young people on TikTok.
3. TVO Learn: Learning Resources You Can Count On 
TVO Learn, an effective way to help your child explore learning that aligns with the Ontario curriculum, from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Explore straightforward, engaging and free resources you can trust to support your child’s learning.

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