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This Week in Canadian Edtech MindShareTV Live Podcast with Award-Winning Timothy King, ICTC-CTIC, Education Coordinator Eastern Canada (seconded from UGDSB), on Cyber Titans, Ransomware Simulations, and What's New for Education

Dear Thought Leader, 


Global warming has wreacked havoc on our outdoor Wednesday hockey season that concluded yet again last night with a cancellation. Not as a result of warm weather this time. Quite the opposite, a rare snow storm that will also impact schools today in many parts of our country.


I'm curious as to how many school districts that announced closings will be implementing a shift to an online learning day, or at least make it optional? Dr. Steve Joordens, UofT psychology professor often heard on MindshareTV talked about the threat of the 'Great Snapback,' to the way things were in education, pre-pandemic. We need to remain agile in our learning mindset and embrace the tools that enable sustained learning for students. I welcome your comments! 


This past week I was honoured to host Rashmi Swarmup, Director of Education & CEO, Peel District School Board, one of the largest districts in Canada. We look forward to our future collaborations and her joining C21 Canada's CEO Academy professional learning network. 


Be sure to have a listen to our featured MindShareTV podcast with award-winning Timothy King. A millwright turned educator, and now seconded to ICTC focusing on Cyber Titans, ransomeware simulations to educate students and the CanCode project supporting the skills gap to encourage our next generation leaders to pursue STEM careers. 


It was also fortuitous last week to host special guest visitors in the MindShare Workspace Sunil Singh International Keynote speaker, former TDSB STEAM educator, Author Math Garden & Luc Goudreault Partner & CGO, Vireo.  Have a listen to our fascinationg improptu MindShareTV podcast!


I hope you enjoy this week's Top 10 Canadian EdTech Report powered by MindShare Learning. 


Watch for next week's 16th anniversary Canadian EdTech Report! And the launch of the 15th Schools of the Future Innovation Challenge. Over $1 million in prizes awarded to date! 


Love the quote of the month in honour of Pink Shirt Day, courtesy of our friends at PrevNet, York University. Every day should be Pink Shirt day!


" When we encourage healthy relationships, well-being for all, and a positive climate every day, bullying behaviour is reduced and everyone has an opportunity to flourish."


We are taking our Top 10 Trends on the road to share with education leaders and EdTechs alike in a design-thinking workshop format. Feel free to email, or call me directly to discuss how we can support your digital transformation strategy, or edtech growth plans for 2023!!


Thank you for the inspiration and kind feedback that motivates our team to provide you with mission critical research and insights to optimize your learning and technology planning and implementation in the classroom and across your school district.


Special thanks to our team and advisory board members for their incredible commitment and support in raising the bar of excellence each week! 


Off to shovel snow! 


Until next time, stay healthy, stay safe and keep the digital learning curve steep!
Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
President, MindShare Learning Technology™
Chief Digital Publisher, The MindShare Learning Report™
Founder, MindShare Workspace
CEO & Co-founder, C21 Canada™ -- A not for profit, Canadians for 21st Century Learning & Innovation

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15th Schools of the Future Challenge

Coming Soon! Launching March, 2023
Report from the Federal AI Public Awareness Working Group: Learning Together for Responsible Artificial Intelligence
This Week in Canadian Edtech MindShareTV Live Podcast with Special Guest Visitors in the MindShare Workspace Sunil Singh International Keynote speaker, former TDSB STEAM educator, Author Math Garden & Luc Goudreault Partner & CGO, Vireo

 Quote of the Week  

" When we encourage healthy relationships, well-being for all, and a positive climate every day, bullying behaviour is reduced and everyone has an opportunity to flourish."
In honour of Pink Shirt Day, PrevNet, York University
C21 Canada Spotlight
Robert Martellacci, CEO, C21 Canada/MindShare was honoured to host Rashmi Swarup, Director of Education & CEO, Peel District School Board for a site visit where they explored the future of work, learning & innovation
Book of the Week
Education in a Time Between Worlds seeks to reframe this historical moment as an opportunity to create a global society of educational abundance.

K-12 Top News Stories 
1. Communities Selected For Saskatchewan’s New Online School Regional Campuses, February 16, 2023
Students accessing courses online through the new Saskatchewan Distance Learning Corporation (Sask DLC) opening this fall will have the opportunity to connect and receive instruction from local teachers at one of ten locations across the province, in addition to connecting virtually.
With the main Sask DLC office located out of Kenaston, nine additional regional campuses will be established in the communities of Estevan, La Ronge, Moose Jaw, Neilburg, Nipawin, Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Swift Current and Yorkton.
2. College students mentoring high school peers for Sustainable Development Challenge, January 26, 2023
The Microsoft 365 A5 security suite helps districts and schools provide safe and secure learning experiences backed by world class protection and consolidated into one cost-effective solution. Together, the A5 security suite is crucial in helping to preserve student data, manage compliance policies, and detect and respond to cybersecurity threats.
3. This Edtech Start-Up Gives Children the Social-Emotional Skills Needed for Success, February 16, 2023
Growing up in Mississauga, Ontario, Ami Shah’s childhood set the foundation for an entrepreneurial mindset. As a child of two Indian immigrant parents, she learned early on the amount of work, dedication, and passion that goes into being an entrepreneur. She also learned what it took to build a successful business from the ground up. 
When she was nine-years-old, Ami’s mother began taking arts and crafts courses, working towards her dream of running her own business. Her mother then bought a flower shop, where Ami spent much of her time. Ami grew up working at her mother’s shop, learning to sell and create products, while also seeing the behind-the-scenes work and back-end of the business. Through her parents, she felt as though entrepreneurship was a goal to aspire towards.
4. These Brampton teachers are getting real about being Black in the classroom on their very own podcast, February 11, 2023
Two Brampton teachers are turning their lunchtime heart-to-hearts on what it's like to Black in the classroom into a podcast, shining a light on the importance of representation and bringing their lived experience into their school.
Alyssa Gray-Tyghter and Andre Mattrasingh, who both work at Cheyne Middle School, first met about three years ago around the time that Mattrasingh became a permanent hire at the Peel District School Board.
5. Compugen Achieves Record Revenues of $774M in 2022, February 16, 2023
(Richmond Hill, ON): Compugen Inc, one of Canada’s largest privately owned technology solutions providers, has wrapped up another record year with the announcement of its 2022 business results. Beating the previous year’s figures, the company posted $774 million in total revenues throughout 2022, bucking market trends within the technology industry and the larger national economy. The revenue tally reflects a growth of 17%, touting $100 million more than in 2021 through organic growth.

Post-Secondary Top News 
6. Handheld tech transforms learning for those in custody, February 16, 2023
Researchers in the Werklund School of Education are finalizing an agreement with Correctional Service Canada to provide inmates with learning opportunities that will equip them for life after incarceration.
The project, headed up by postdoctoral associate Dr. Christina White Prosser, EdD’21, will pilot the use of scanning pen assistive educational technology to better understand how instructors and students can use these devices to enhance literacy learning within Canadian correctional facilities.
7. College students mentoring high school peers for Sustainable Development Challenge February 17, 2023
It’s students helping students tackle the biggest issues of our time. Okanagan College (OC) students have joined forces with youth leaders in Grades 8 to 12 in the Central Okanagan to provide mentorship on projects that will impact the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
8. These University of Waterloo students reimagined a more sustainable campus using AI February 18, 2023
When Khalil Heron was tasked with creating a vision for a more sustainable university campus, he says he wanted to create "a perfect utopia." The second-year design studio foundations student at the University of Waterloo was told by his professor, Katherine Perrott, to start his plans using an articifial intelligence (AI) system called DALL-E.
DALL-E can design images based on written prompts and the system was created by the same developer as ChatGPT, a chat robot that's been getting recognition lately for its ability to generate realistic conversations that sound like they came from a real human.
9. St. Clair College to host provincial esport championship February 19, 2023
Hundreds of high school students are going to St.Clair College this May to participate in the Provincial Rocket League High School Championship.
Last year’s event was the first for high school students interested in competitive gaming and attracted more than 400 students from 72 different schools across Ontario.
10. Canadian Copyright, Fair Dealing and Education, Part One: Setting the Record Straight,  February 21, 2023
Canadian copyright lobby groups have relentlessly lobbied the government to overturn decades of Supreme Court of Canada jurisprudence, seeking unprecedented restrictions on fair dealing that include eliminating it for educational institutions if a licence is available. In doing so, they have relied on a steady diet of misleading claims about the state of the law, the licensing practices of Canadian educational institutions, the importance (or lack thereof) of copying of materials in course packs, and the effects of fair dealing. This week is Fair Dealing Week, which provides an opportunity to set the record straight on Canadian copyright and education, backed by actual data on what takes place on university campuses across the country.
Professional Learning Events 
Tips on Hosting Webinars for Education Marketing and Lead Generation hosted by
February 24, 2023                          
March 6-9, 2023                          
Cosn Conference  
March 20-23, 2023                           
BETT Conference  
March 29-31, 2023                           
Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC) Summit on Public Education in Canada
April 3-4, 2023                           
Alberta Teachers' Association presents: uLead The Summit of Educational Leadership 
April 15-18, 2023                           
June 12-14, 2023                           
ISTE Conference  
June 25-28, 2023                  

Teacher/Parent Resources Corner 

Parent Teaching Resources 
1. Teachers Learning Code: Anti-Cyberbullying Assistant
In this lesson, learners will create an AI-powered assistant that will help them identify cyberbullying.
2. Everything You Need to Teach Digital Citizenship 
All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life.
3. ICTC Cyber Titan Inititative 
Canadian Youth Cyber Education Initiative: CyberTitan prepares middle and secondary school students with learning opportunities through hands-on simulated environments that develop the critical, digital skills necessary to pursue post-secondary education STEM programs; to learn skills essential to work in many fields, and to identify roles students can play help to secure our systems.

 Leading Innovation in Education

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